Gambling Superstitions

Gambling Superstitions

Have you ever wondered which amulets are proven to increase the odds in your favor? We have gathered some of the most popular talismans and beliefs to help you with these questions. Just keep scrolling to find the best ones!

Good Luck, Bad Luck

Every gambler in the world has the same big crush, and this special lady means everything to them. The name of this charming damsel—who put all of them under her spell—Luck. It’s no wonder then that each and every gambler that steps onto the casino floor wants to get her attention and gain her favor. However, as you may well know, she’s highly unpredictable and capricious; you never know when she’s going to share her magic with you. That’s why some believe that she has, in fact, two sides; one good, and one bad. Perhaps it’s just the absence of luck that makes you think so; or perhaps it’s her evil twin sister (Bad Luck) that steps in and takes her place?

Either way, gamblers all across the world do their best to gain her favor. Some even use objects commonly referred to as talismans. These charms can be something cute and fuzzy, like a rabbit’s foot (one of the most popular ones), or something personal—a thing that brought you good fortune in the past. To put it in a nutshell, gamblers are some of the most superstitious people in the world—hence why they’re on a never-ending quest to find lady Luck.

There are gamblers out there that don’t just carry certain ‘lucky’ objects, but who also perform certain rituals before enrolling in game. They believe no gambling superstition is too extreme, as long as these lucky objects and rituals increase their chances of winning. A few of these rituals are actually fairly interesting, while some others just seem like crazy gambling superstitions. In fact, one of the most popular superstitions comes from Chinese culture.

Now, we can all agree that as long as your crazy gambling superstitions don’t hurt you or others around you, you are free to believe in whatever gets you into that winning mentality. So, let’s discuss some of the most popular gambling superstitions ones out there.

The Main Entrance

This is one of the most common gambling superstitions, and has been around for centuries. Namely, the gamblers believe that if you enter the casino using the main entrance, you’ll run out of luck. This is especially popular in China, where people believe that the casino owners had the entry cursed to stop the players from winning the jackpot. What’s more, gamblers in Las Vegas had their fair share of problems with the MGM Casino. The problem occurred when a giant lion was set above the main doors and, to get inside, you had to walk through the lion’s mouth; making it a double curse, as you had to walk through the mouth of the beast, which is also the main entrance.

50 Dollar Bills

gambling luck

Some people go as far as believing that 50 dollar bills are bad luck. So much so, that they refuse being paid with them at all. Some casinos had severe problems with this crazy gambling superstition. That’s why a lot of casinos decide not to give out the 50 bills when players go to cash in their chips. Now, those casinos that do use the 50 dollar bills often have problems with some of their players. Here’s in interesting fact: the two dollar bill is also considered to be unlucky—hence why some believe this to be the reason behind its absence from the general circulation, despite the government’s numerous attempts.

When we talk about money, gamblers take this next one as a golden rule. If you pay close attention to the casino table games, you’ll see that no one is actually counting money while they play. The reason being, it’s considered a stroke of bad luck if you do so; you can always count your cash once you’re done playing, but not at the table.

Wearing Red

Wearing red is a superstition originally not made up by gamblers. In many cultures around the world, people take the color red as a sign of good fortune and wealth. In this sense, red is the color which attracts ‘good spirits’ and chases the ‘demons’ away, along with everything else that comes with them. In India, brides wear their traditional wedding gowns in deep red shades, in the hopes of bringing them renewed luck and fertility. Some gamblers go as far as wearing red underwear to get luck on their side; yet, we haven’t found any explanation as to why. Perhaps it makes them more passionate about their game, who knows?

In addition to that, there are even gamblers out there that refuse to cross their legs, or arms, while they’re sitting at a gambling table due to their superstitions; as doing so will chase their luck away.

Also, craps players are usually the ones that push the crazy gambling superstitions to the extreme. Namely, they are willing to place really lousy bets just to keep the dealer’s hands away from their chips; they believe that the dealer will jinx them if he touches their chips at the craps table. On the other hand, finding a beautiful blonde girl to blow on the dice, before throwing them, is considered to bring good fortune. However, if there isn’t a blonde girl (pretty or not) to be seen, any other woman will suffice. But, come on, what kind of casino has no blondes, or beautiful women for that matter, lying around?! If that indeed be the case, change the casino ASAP. Now, if you are reading this—and you happen to be a pretty blond girl—you have already been blessed with all the luck in the world and the casino jackpot is just a cherry on top for you; you already have the cake, girl!

Believe it or not, recent surveys showed that more than 80 percent of gamblers believe in some form of superstition, which is why they always carry some kind of talisman with them.

Lucky Numbers

The number seven is one of the favorites among gamblers, in general. It’s highly associated with positive outcomes, and it had a marked influence throughout history and religion. As a result, we can find the number seven in leading denominations, such as Christianity and Judaism, for instance. Yet, this lucky number was most significant in Buddhism, and other Asian cultures in general. The number seven stands for the combination of both Yin and Yang in traditional Chinese culture. In Taoism, it represents the Tao and is aligned with beauty and kindness.

Therefore, as you can see, the number seven has a long reputation of being the lucky one. However, numbers are relative, and just because a certain number is lucky for some, doesn’t make it lucky for everyone else. Let’s put it this way: the vast majority of people consider number 13 as the unluckiest number of them all. Consequently, some casinos in Vegas don’t even have the 13th floor, or a room numbered as 13. One of the most infamous combinations in the world is probably the mix of number 13 and Friday. They even made a horror movie franchise “Friday the 13th” starring Kevin Bacon. Guess the number in the movie’s title wasn’t the bringer of bad luck since they made over 40,000,000 US dollars, but invested only 550,000.

By the way, if you believe in superstitions, have this in mind: if you choose to gamble on a Friday, do so after 6 PM. Moreover, playing a fortune game before this will also bring you bad luck. You can’t say we didn’t warn you, the rest is up to you.

Washing Your Hands

This superstition originates from ancient China—like the vast majority of them—and is still the most popular gambling superstition after so many centuries. Many a gambler across the globe believes in it. In essence, when you wash your hands you change the course of your luck, which is awesome if you are losing; just scrub your hands until they hurt.

On the other hand, if you are currently winning—no matter how filthy your hands may be—you might want to stay away from the sink for as long as possible; or simply wash them twice? We’re not sure about the exact rules on this one. We’ve seen our fair share of gamblers who spilled their drinks all over their hands but remained seated sticky and dirty. No one walks away from the table so as not to miss the lady Luck if she comes for a visit; a pair of dirty hands is a small price to pay for her presence, who knows when (if ever) she’ll appear again.



This lucky object comes from the far away land of the rising sun, Japan, while also bring prevalent in China. The literal translation of this term would be “the beckoning cat.” It is commonly depicted as a plastic, often ceramic, calico Japanese Bobtail kitty with one paw raised. The adorable little cat is believed to bring good fortune and prosperity to its owner. In modern times, they are made with some additional features like a battery-powered paw moving up and down. The many shop and restaurant owners like to have these near the entrance of their workplaces. Maneki-Neko figurines can also be found in many different styles and colors. The most popular colors are white, gold, black, and red. Our gambling friends like to keep this kitty close to them at all times; especially so on their keychains, air fresheners, ornaments, piggy banks, large statues, or even pots for their plants. A common misconception is that the Maneki-Neko originates from China and, as a result, it’s falsely referred to as the “Chinese lucky cat”.

Rabbit’s Foot

Aaaww, now this one sounds cute right? A lil’ bunny’s foot. Well, just wait until you hear the creepy background behind this story. Namely, we come across a few mentions of rabbits being considered lucky animals in Celtic culture. Yet, they believed the whole animal to be lucky, not just the one part (its foot). Celts associated them with good fortune because rabbits live in underground burrows, and therefore could communicate with the underworld spirits and their ancestors. Ok, seems logical enough so far, but how did these furry little animals become ‘a thing’?

Now, even though the rabbit’s foot gambling superstition originally comes from European cultures, there’s also a North American legend with roots in African-American hoodoo. Hoodo is a slight variation of voodoo, a folk spirituality associated with people taken into slavery from Africa into North American.

These folk consider the rabbit’s foot lucky because of the reproductive habits of these forest animals, and carrying a piece of them will bring fertility to the owner. Cute, right? Think again. They had to first take this piece off of a bunny, and we’re pretty sure people didn’t conjure the fairy godmother to gently give that bunny anesthesia before cutting the poor little animal’s foot off.

Furthermore, if you have the guts to do this yourself, there are a few conditions you have to fulfill first; you cannot just pick a random rabbit and mutilate it. First of all, only the left hind foot is considered the lucky one. Next, this particular rabbit has to be captured and killed only in a cemetery. Also, the foot has to be taken on a specific day, usually Friday, but there are some other factors you need to take into account here, such as the date, the weather, and so on. Some also believe that if you kill a rabbit at the cemetery, but on a mean person’s grave, the foot will become even more powerful. What, are you looking at your rabbit’s foot keychain and feeling nauseous? Don’t worry, chances that your bunny went through a horror scene, such as this, are next to nothing. Nowadays, it’s probably made of latex and fake fur. Now you’re probably asking yourself “well if it’s fake, then it isn’t lucky”, right? Well, it’s the thought that counts. As long as you have fate in your little furry companion, luck will be on your side.


You know, if you’re not a gambler, gambling and superstitions listed above may seem like a bad joke. Our common sense tells us that superstitions are just inside a person’s head. So, maybe the rabbit’s foot doesn’t really do anything. Perhaps the concept of luck seems ridiculous to someone skeptical. But just imagine how the players must feel when there’s nothing to rely on other than luck. They enroll in games of chance such as roulette, dice, and slot machines with nothing to hold on to other than a phenomenon called luck. If you don’t believe in good or bad fortune, maybe you can understand the significance of the so-called lucky amulets as a form of sugar coating (placebo effect). That’s what makes them feel more confident and joyful; so why spoil their thrill? If you don’t have luck on your side, you can still be happy from the inside, right? After all, it’s our inner well-being that matters the most.