Asian Gambling Superstitions

Asian Gambling

You must have heard about some of the imaginative superstitions from the faraway East. We will showcase them to you, and there is nothing to stop you from trying some of them and testing your luck afterward — nothing to lose, but potentially so much to gain.

Some of the Most Popular Asian Gambling Superstitions

Who doesn’t like to be entertained by the interesting stories about some asian gambling superstitions? We’ll give you many reasons to keep reading, so go ahead sit back, relax and enjoy.

Asian Gambling Superstitions 101

If you were hoping this whole Asian gambling superstition issue could be resolved here, you were wrong. We can only tickle your imagination by naming many Asian gamblers’ deepest fears and beliefs. Every gambler in the world has something to rely on to help them attract good fortune and those big desirable casino winnings.

As we’ve investigated this matter, two nations seemed like the most interesting superstitious bunch in the world. It was the Chinese and the Filipinos. However, the difference between the two is that the Chinese have much more superstitions regarding games of fortune, while the Filipino people have fears and beliefs connected to everyday activities.

From wearing red underwear before you enter a casino because red represents joy and good fortune to washing your hands to change the course of your luck, the imagination and strong beliefs of Asian gambling superstitions are both fun and silly sometimes.

Change the Course of Your Luck by Washing Your Hands

Namely, Asian gambling superstitions strongly support the belief that an individual can change the course of their luck by merely washing their hands.

If you’re on a winning streak, try to stay away from the sink. But if you are currently losing, it may be a good idea to pay the restroom a little visit; scrub your hands until they hurt, and get back to the gaming floor. According to the Chinese gamblers, they’ve tested this theory, and somehow, this works just fine for them.

The Mirror — Passage for Obscure Entities

This object has significant influence in both Asian and Filipino cultures. Their beliefs intertwine with one another, possibly because they are quite similar.

Additionally, the mirror is considered as a hazardous object to use after the sun had set. Asian people believe that the demons and evil spirits try to cross into our world using a mirror as some kind of portal.

Asian and Filipino Lucky Numbers

Asian and Filipino-cards-gambling

Filipinos believe in the symbolism of lucky numbers when they have dreams which can guide them towards a winning combination of numbers in lottery-like games. For instance, if they dream a child, this has a surefire symbol, and it guides them towards a specific number to pick, the next time they participate in a lottery.

On the other hand, Asian people, especially in Chinese culture, connect the pronunciation of certain words with numbers, and this determines which numbers will bring you good luck. They even push this superstition to the extremes, so the scariest number is four. This is because the pronunciation of this number sounds too similar to the word for death.

Happy numbers are nine, eight, six, three, and two. Six is believed to be good for business because it originates from the word ‘flow.’ Number three is ‘new life,’ so the young couples who are trying to have a baby use it as their lucky charm. As for the gamblers, their sacred number is eight. You’ve probably guessed why — it sounds like ‘richness’ or ‘wealth,’ and that’s what these folks are after.

The Infamous Main Entrance

According to Feng Shui, gambling activities are full of sins. So the legend has it the Feng Shui Ancient masters used their spells to place a terrible curse on every entrance of a casino to scare away all gamblers and prevent them from coming in.

Sure, this may sound silly to you, especially if you don’t have the habit of gambling often. But as we’ve said before, gamblers take their beliefs and superstitions very seriously, and this particular example applies to almost every casino’s main entrance worldwide.

At the MGM Grand big opening in 1993, the visitors with superstitious beliefs refused to enter the casino. Why? Because to enter this new Las Vegas casino, the gamblers had to walk through the mouth of a lion that stood above the doors. It was a nice touch from the architect, but quite unfortunate for the players because the combination of a cursed entrance and a beast’s jaws was twice the bad luck.

Everyday Life’s Superstitions

Now, when we talk about the whole concept of superstitions, we often come across some extreme skepticism and judgment. Some believe that the elderly population has more silly and irrational superstitions, but that’s not entirely true. Every one of us is looking to grasp some sort of hope for better income, happiness, and prosperity in life.

When everything else fails and every logical solution becomes impossible, do we not hope for a miracle or a stroke of good luck? Some call this phenomena luck; others call it faith. They are both something we cannot touch, feel, or smell.

Since there is no actual way to prove that some rituals or talismans attract luck, does such a thing even exist?

Well, people from the Philippines believe in being extra cautious during evenings. They say — don’t pay your debts or sweep your house at night. On the other hand, the Chinese are frightened to read books if some big and important event in their lives is about to occur, and this is because the word book resembles the word death.

Additionally, both of these nations are terrified of spirits and ghosts. Moreover, the Chinese believe an evil spirit will enter your bedroom if the mirror is faced toward the bed. On the other hand, we have the Filipinos which say that if two dogs are barking at the same time during the evening, they are most likely warning you of a ghost. Not a potential robber or an unwanted guest, no — they are barking at a spirit.

Since Feng Shui plays a significant part in the lives of most Asian cultures, they all believe and respect the rules of this pseudoscience. That may be one of the main reasons why the Chinese are such a super-superstitious nation.

Either way, any ritual or item you consider to be the lucky one for you should not be the topic of judgment or mean looks. We only have one life, so why not spend it the way we believe is best? If your little superstitions bring you hope of good fortune, pay no attention to skeptics and just enjoy conjuring Lady Luck at your side of the gambling table.

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