Card Gambling Superstitions

Card Gambling Superstitions

Due to the ever-increasing popularity of card games like blackjack and poker, they’ve overgrown with numerous different myths and legends. Interestingly, some card games fans ignore common knowledge that they can gain from poker books, gambling encyclopedias, real money online blackjack reviews, etc; they fully rely on luck and superstitions that are supposed to bring them huge winnings. Accordingly, such players are afraid of the widespread beliefs associated with losses. We will bring you some of the most viral beliefs and ways to attract good luck and prosperity.

Maybe our article brings some good luck to you, so keep reading.

Usual Introductions

Greetings, fellow gamblers. Do you often find yourself annoyed by the absence of luck while trying your best to beat the other player’s card set? You may have tried to learn some promising new strategies or make the perfect poker face, but nothing really brought good luck. Now, even though the procedures, tips, and tricks didn’t work, don’t give up; there is still some hope left.

You cannot rely on probabilities, but what’s to stop you from conjuring Lady Luck by your side? Maybe it’s time to become the ultimate card games superstitious soul and use your knowledge of this topic to your benefit. It’s impossible to find a single person in the world who doesn’t believe in some form of superstition; it’s only natural for us humans.

Our ancestors didn’t have the knowledge we have today to explain phenomena such as thunder, fire, rain, or wind. People who believe in superstitions are merely listening to the very core of their being; their instinct. If you are not a believer in such things and instead use logic to understand some supernatural occurrences, you shouldn’t judge the fellow next to you holding his lucky clover with his fingers crossed.

We are going to focus on superstition for card games, but if you want to expand your search, numerous topics can be found all over the Internet. Now, just sit tight, relax, enjoy, and learn.

Card Games Superstitions

When it comes to the card gambling superstitions, some of them may seem a bit crazy and too dramatic. On the other hand, we have gamblers in desperate need for some kind of magnet for luck, and will do anything to improve the odds.

Blackjack’s Good and Bad Fortune

This viral game of twenty one has always attracted gamblers’ attention, and even the name sounds incredibly cool and badass. So, it’s no wonder then that players have developed some extremely unique beliefs and legends about Mr. Blackjack.


Most modern Blackjack tables at the ground casinos in the United States had been renovated in the past couple of years. What led to this significant renovations was the constant complaints from the players, saying the atmosphere at the tables was delirious. They were accusing the casino management making the feverish atmosphere on purpose so they could chase away all the luck from the room. We’re confident the gamblers were right; after all, it’s not their lousy decision-making fault, it’s the dangerous atmosphere of the place they were playing that brought major bad luck.

The Card Dealer (Is He the Bearer of Good or Bad Fortune)

The dealer is considered to be one of the critical elements of luck in every casino. Some gamblers refuse to play if they don’t like the dealer or had some big loses the last time he shuffled the deck of cards. It is believed the new dealer will reverse the luck at a given table. This means if you are winning, better consider changing the table, but if you are on a losing streak, a new dealer’s arrival can only bring luck your way.

Should someone lose their temper and curse the dealer during a game, all of the other Blackjack participants will have bad luck at the table. Now, whether you believe in card games superstition or not, our advice is to never curse or argue with the dealer, or blame them for your misfortunes; they’re only doing their job.

The Sacred Flow (Don’t Mess With the Order of the Cards)

The great concern within the player community that remains until this very day is also the number one rule of Blackjack: the order of the cards. Even if the whole building was on fire, or someone was having a stroke, or—however unlikely—robbers took you hostage, it makes no difference. Never interrupt a card flow of a Blackjack game.

If you suddenly decide to join a table between shuffles, you’ll receive some mean looks at best. This is a big no-no because the superstitious players think you interfere with luck and the so-called ‘sacred flow’. Naturally, not every visitor of the casino knows this Blackjack superstition, so every now and then, some smartass tries to interrupt.

This is why in many casinos the operators actually prevent new players from stepping in between shuffles. Unfortunately, the casino management doesn’t just do this to please the players, but also to restrict the card counters a potential advantage.

Of course, some skeptics claim this ‘sacred flow’ is nothing more than an urban myth invented by the handful of annoyed players on a losing streak. Well, we all need something or someone to blame for our mistakes and some bad luck now and then, don’t we?

The Curse of the Bad Player

Many Blackjack professionals consider a terrible gambler at their table to be a curse. This is related to the whole ‘sacred flow’ rule we discussed above. If one player, in particular, makes a series of bad choices, obvious mistakes, and unorthodox moves, you would think he is doing a lousy favor only to himself. But no, Blackjack players have surprised us once more. Basically, if you suck, everyone at the table will despise you. Now, we are aware of the sadness in this gross superstition but believe us, and some individuals take this curse of the unfortunate player fairly seriously.

Bad Player

Cross-Eyed Fellow Player

Playing cards can be tough to focus primarily on a poker game when the fellow next to you has cross eyes. We’re sure you can’t read this guy’s poker face. All jokes aside, this card games superstition is ancient but somehow lives till this day. Why is this so problematic? After all, the poor man has a disability, right? Well, because the superstitious ones think a cross-eyed gambler can actually  ‘see’ the cards of the person next to him. Ok, we’ll admit it, this one is pretty lame and we sympathize with people with such unfortunate medical conditions.

Left Hand

This superstition is a common one. If you happen to be left-handed, don’t ever hold cards in that hand. In fact, don’t even try picking cards up with your left hand at all; it’s a huge magnet for bad luck.

Buying a New Deck of Cards

The tarot readers constantly warn people about this one. Ladies and Gentleman, do not buy a deck for yourself. Ever. This brings bad luck. What’s more, using the exact same deck for both divination and playing cards is even worse. Of course, we only mention this because of the sheer ridiculousness of it; come now, really?

Sitting on a Handkerchief

Yup, whether you believe it or not, according to the Kentucky card games superstitions, the course of your luck can be changed either way if you choose to sit on a handkerchief. You’ll have even more success if you spit on the bottom of your chair before you sit on the handkerchief. Now, despite sounding perfectly fine, and absolutely hygienic, this one we would gladly pass over. Another thing, Kentucky superstitions also stated that it is a good thing to hold your cards with your left hand; wait, what?

Never Cross Your Arms or Legs at the Gambling Table

Oh, don’t tell us you never crossed your fingers while giving someone else a promise you never intended of keeping. Gamblers believe if you cross your arms, legs or both, you are canceling out all the good fortune heading your way.

Never Count Your Money at a Card Game’s Table

After Kenny Rogers’ big evergreen hit song called “The Gambler”, this card gambling superstition became incredibly popular. Gamblers see the action of counting your money at the casino table as a cursed one. You’ll have plenty of time to count when you’re done playing, and who knows, maybe you will end up with a more considerable amount than if you’ve done it at the table.

The Casino’s Main Entrance

This superstition, in particular, sends chills down the spine of superstitious Blackjack players using the infamous card counting techniques. They may believe in the ancient Chinese Feng Shui masters’ curse, or just wish to avoid the attention of the casino operators.

Either way, the back door entrance is the most desirable way to enter a casino if you crave for having the odds in your favor.

The scandal regarding the big opening of the famous and successful MGM Grand casino took place in December 1993. The players refused to enter through the main entrance since the statue of a great golden lion stood above with its mouth wide open. This is considered a double jinx since you have to walk straight into the beast’s interior in order to enter the casino.

Lucky and Unlucky Numbers

Naturally, if a casino game is involved with cards, there will be those individuals who will place their faith in the magical power of numbers.

Jinx Number Thirteen

This paltry number has the worst reputation in the entire world. Nobody likes this figure, and yet no one can provide a reasonable enough explanation.

We came across some, but they were not reliable… The 13th apostle on the Leonardo da Vinci’s famous classic masterpiece—The Last Supper—to monks creating the lunar calendar with the 13 full moons, and the many jinxes they’ve encountered during the process, and so on. There’s clearly no shortage of theories, but no one can say for certain which one is it.

Some individuals fear this number so severely that they developed a phobia called triskaidekaphobia. What’s more, the vast majority of these tormented people are—you guessed it— gamblers! Feeling sorry for these poor souls, many casinos do not own a 13th floor or rooms with this number on top of the door. This superstition is mainly true for Western countries, while in China and the lands of East number thirteen is taken as a symbol of good fortune and prosperity.

Blessed Number Seven

Blessed Number Seven

Contrary to the number thirteen, we now have the beloved champion of success: the famous number seven. This is a symbol of prosperity, joy, good flow of energy, and good fortune.

It seems like everything good has something to do with number seven. We have the Seven Ages of Man, the Seven Heavens, the Seven Seas, the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, and so on. Some of our most popular movie and fairytale titles have this number, such as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, Seven Brides of the Seven Brothers, Seven Samurai, Seven Pounds, The Magnificent Seven, and so on and so forth… You get the idea.

Additionally, if all of these weren’t enough, do you think the famous secret agent 007 is just a mere coincidence? I think not. The man is indestructible, for God’s sake. It’s no surprise then that gamblers all over the world took this number in particular as their lucky one.

Gamblers’ Most Cherished Lucky Charms

Apart from superstitious rituals, gamblers absolutely adore objects which, they believe, have extraordinary power and the ability to attract good fortune and happiness. Moreover, there are two types of lucky charms: the general ones, and the more personal ones. Basically, any object you consider to be lucky can be a lucky charm.

Some people have lucky parts of clothing, like certain pants, shoes or watches, while others rely on numbers or colors. The variations on this theme are countless, and even though some may take you for silly and childish for keeping Mr. Bunny looking like a road-kill today, you know this stuffed toy has kept you safe throughout your entire life.

An interesting superstition regarding lucky charms can be found in both Hoodoo and Voodoo. These two were particularly popular during the 19th century, originating from the folklore of African and Caribbean slaves brought to the United States of America.

Today, the concept of lucky charms is widely accepted in the gambling world. No surprises here seeing how they are an increasingly superstitious group. One of the most popular ones has to be the rabbit’s foot, with the lucky four-leaved clover taking second place, and—believe it or not—a racoon penis bone coming in third place. We will make no additional comments on this last one, even though we know you may have some questions regarding that one in particular. No explanation, folks. Now, what we can say is that throughout the centuries, a horseshoe has became the ultimate gamblers good luck charm and can be found in almost every casino or game of chance commercial.

If these small things boost your confidence and improve your self-esteem, there is nothing wrong with carrying a few of them around with you. So, wait no more, gear up, arm yourself with the best lucky charms you can find, and hit the casino gaming floor. You may be surprised by the amount of luck sitting on your side. Are you feeling lucky yet?

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