Everybody Wants to Know What the Best Time to Gamble Is


Should you gamble in mornings or evenings? Is it better if you go to casinos on workdays or during the weekend? These are the questions that have been puzzling players for decades. Many gamblers believe that there is a particular time when the odds are more in their favor, so they can win big. The simple answer to that question does not exist, but we have summed up all the solutions that the gaming community shared.

Morning vs. Evening

Slot machines remain the golden goose of casinos, and yet, they are the number-one choice of new gamblers. There is a belief that every house loosens up slots at a certain period of the day so that they are more fruitful for the players.

If you turn to all-mighty Google to find the perfect hour to place some bets, you’ll get different answers. Some will say rise and shine, and others will advise you to be a night owl. We are going to try to explain the logic behind these beliefs.

The mornings at the casino are slow because there are not many gamblers. Some players consider that it is when the house makes slots lose, which is why they believe their odds are better early in the morning.

In contrast, on nights, a lot more people are playing, and this is why some gamblers believe that is when your chances of winning are higher. When a lot of people gamble, there are more winners, and seeing them win will make you feel that night hours are more rewarding.

Similar reasoning works for table games. Some gamblers will advise you to join only crowded tables, while others will tell you that you’ll be luckier if the table is only ¾ full.

Workdays vs. Weekends

What days of the week will bring you more benefit at the casino? It is not easy to tell. During the week, some casinos don’t have a lot of work. Not even all the tables on the floor are open because there are not many people. And now, we are back to the theory where your chances are better when there are not a lot of players around you.

On the weekend, casinos are hectic, and there are more people enjoying games of chance. Naturally, you’ll see more winners when the night is busy. That prompts people to believe their odds are better on Saturday and Sunday.


Some answers regarding perfect timing for gambling don’t require you to look at a watch or a calendar.

When You Have the Money

Before you decide to try out your luck, make sure that you have a budget for betting — an amount of money that you won’t regret losing. Depending on the size of your budget, you pick the game.If you don’t have enough money, it is probably not the right moment to gamble on games that require high bets or high volatility slots. When you have a significant amount of money on your bankroll, then you can indulge in progressive jackpot slots, video poker, or in high-roller table games.

When You Learn How to Play

We mentioned that slots are usually the choice of people who are new to gambling establishments. This is because they are interesting and easy to play. Table and card games require some skills. If you approach a roulette table and don’t have the slightest idea how to play the game, you are going to lose.

Many websites offer free versions of games, so you can practice and learn how they work before you decide to wager money.

When You Are Well-Rested

One of the mistakes you can make is that you go to a casino or play online when you are tired, angry, or tense. Gambling is a way of entertainment, but it is not a stress relief. When you are exhausted or sleepy, you will not think clearly, and you’ll make all the wrong choices. Therefore, you’ll have more chances of blowing all your money fast. When you are relaxed and full of energy, you’ll have a better judgment of the bets you make.

When You Are Not Drunk

Casinos are not tight when it comes to free drinks for the gamblers. There is a reason for that. When you are intoxicated, you gamble more even if you are losing, against your better judgment. So make sure that you are not drunk when you go to play. And, of course, don’t drink while you gamble.

When the Jackpot Is High

Progressive slots and video poker give out life-changing sums. The best time to try your luck would be when the jackpot is high or hasn’t been hit in a while.

Here’s how these games work. The more people are playing, the bigger the prize gets. When the prize grows to an impressive amount, it might be worth it to try and chase that jackpot.

What Time Does Your Luck Arrive?

The beauty of luck is that it is unpredictable, so you can’t really put a time stamp on it. Therefore, it doesn’t matter when you go and enjoy playing. In the end, whether it is night or day or Monday or Sunday all comes down to your personal preferences. But if you follow some of the above-mentioned advice, then at least you are going to have an awesome time at the casino.

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