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Along with the Chinese, Filipino people believe in one of the most significant sets of superstitions in the world. We have to say that some of them are quite exquisite in their uniqueness. We’ve gathered some of the most interesting ones for you to enjoy, and who knows, maybe even test some of them.

Filipino Superstitions — Can They Be the Bringers of Good Luck

Just like any other country in the world, the Filipino people tend to believe in many different superstitions. Some of them are deeply rooted in this nation’s spirit, but they somehow still enjoy accepting any new forms of superstition that come their way.

Ok, what’s the deal with the Filipinos and their superstitions? No one can actually tell why this particular nation loves to believe in the unexplainable phenomena of good and bad luck. The elderly folks seem to be the most superstition bunch, even though the youth doesn’t stay far behind them on this topic either.

Considering all this, the Filipinos’ beliefs are interfering with the regular course of their day-to-day routines, so these superstitions aren’t reserved for gamblers exclusively. Is this just because these silly beliefs help them cope with the many difficulties of everyday life or is this just a Filipino thing? Well, we think it may be a little bit of both.

Here is a fun fact — the former president of the Philippines keeps a cracked mirror in his cozy home. This is not because Mr. Joseph Estrada can’t afford a new one. It’s just that the cracked one, as he believes, keeps the evil spirits away from his family and house and brings them good fortune.

Keep this in mind the next time your mirror breaks, and instead of just throwing it away, keep it for a few days and test this theory. Who knows, maybe your boyfriend will suddenly decide to pop the big question, and you’ll be the proud owner of the rock on your finger and a fiancé to brag about. Maybe the “If you like it, then you should put a ring on it” needs a mirror’s assistance.

Spice up Your Life with Some of the Juiciest Superstitions We Could Find

Naturally, you don’t have to try them out yourself, if you just read about Filipino gambling superstitions, we promise, you will be dazzled and amused. So, shall we proceed?

Gambling roulette

The Wedding Gown

Namely, many Filipino brides are terrified of trying their wedding gowns before the ceremony. It is believed that the marriage will be unsuccessful if she tries the dress on before the wedding. Though you’re probably wondering how she will know if the dress fits if she is oblivious to the measurements? Well… We don’t have the answer to that question.

Singing While Cooking

Ladies, if you are single and enjoy singing while preparing a meal, better think twice. According to the Filipino beliefs, shall you choose to do so, it can only attract a widower to marry you. Now, you wouldn’t like to be number two in his life, would you? So next time a catchy tune makes you sing out loud, keep it quiet. Or just pause the cooking session while you impersonate Whitney Houston.

Let Me Take a Selfie

Now, here is another brilliant one. Some Filipino social media lovers may not like it, but we have to mention this one. If you are taking photos with your beloved one and the two of you haven’t discussed the marriage yet, it is most likely that you never will. Why? Because you took selfies together — that’s why. In essence, this is considered a lousy fortune by the Filipinos.

New House

Naturally, if nothing wrong happens during the wedding ceremony, the next step is for the two of you to move into a new house together. But careful there, because you have to follow a particular set of rules once again if you want good fortune to find your new family in there. So you should bring these items inside first: rice, salt, water, and a religious image. These items will bring luck, prosperity, and success to the occupants of the house.

Your Child’s Hairstyle

Later on, if you decide to form a more prominent family and you two have a child together, mind the little one’s hair. Your child will be smarter if you cut it’s hair when they are exactly one year old. Moreover, in order to ensure the child’s intellect always be high, you should keep the trimmed hair and place it between books, according to the Filipino beliefs.

Wine and Dine

If a Filipino family gathers around the dining table to share a meal together and one of them decides to stand up and walk away before everyone has finished their meal, it’s considered bad luck. In response, the rest of the people will turn their plates clockwise to ensure nothing wrong happens to the person who left.

Drop-A-Fork (This Is Not a Diet, People)

While we’re talking about meals in homes of Filipino people, here’s another interesting superstition. If someone drops a fork accidentally, it can only mean that the family home will have a male visitor very soon. If the dropped item happens to be a spoon, then a female visitor will be expected. And if you dislike your current spouse, just switch the chair you’re sitting on. This means that you will remarry. But if you like your partner, whatever you do, stay where you are.

Sweeping Your House

Here is a piece of advice for all of you neat fancy people — don’t sweep the dust away through the door. If you do that, you risk sweeping all of the good fortune outside — that’s what the old folks believe in. Also, no matter how dirty your floors may be, don’t sweep them during the night. Instead, wait until morning.


An Itchy Palm

Does your palm itch? This can only mean one thing — you are about to receive some money. However, it’s unclear as to which palm is the lucky one — some claim that the left one foretells incoming cash and the right one means money lost.

Don’t Sit on a Pillow; Try to Use It for Your Head Instead.

The Filipinos strongly believe in this superstition. Why is it so wrong to sit on a pillow? Because this action, as innocent as it may appear, can prolong the process of healing after a severe disease.

The Ghost

If a person chooses to enter a room through the window instead of the main door, this can conjure a ghost to appear. Also, if two dogs bark in the evening, there is a high possibility they are trying to warn the owners of a ghost’s presence.

Moreover, if children aren’t inside the house before six PM, they risk seeing an image of a beheaded ghost, again, according to the Filipino elders.

Most Popular Gambling Beliefs in the Philippines

Every gambler in the  world has something to hold on to and rely on those beliefs or amulets to bring them better odds. The Filipinos are no exception, and have very interesting ones for you to check out.

New Wallet

If you’ve just bought a new wallet and plan to pay a visit to a casino, place a symbolic amount of money inside it and don’t use it to place a bet, ever. This will ensure a good money flow throughout the whole year, and spending it will ruin your finances in the current year.

Lack of Love Means Gains in Casino Winnings

If you are feeling heartbroken or just lonely due to lack of love in your life, a simple trip to the casino can brighten your spirit. The Filipino gambling superstitions state that if you have no luck in your love life, good fortune will compensate this with many winnings if you gamble. However, just in case you are happily in love, maybe you shouldn’t test your luck at the casino gaming floor.

Woman by Your Side at the Gambling Table

Most of the gamblers in the Philippines strongly oppose to the idea of a woman sitting by their side while they are engaged with the current game. This can keep Lady Luck far away from the table — maybe because she can get jealous? Either way, if someone considers a certain lady as their lucky charm, they won’t hesitate to bring her along. Anything to ensure the casino winnings will do.

Blessed Pregnant Women

Don’t be surprised if you see quite a few pregnant ladies at the Filipino casinos. It is more common than you’d think to spot a husband with his pregnant wife participating in some gambling activity. Filipino gambling superstitions consider these ladies blessed, therefore, their ability to conjure good luck is enormous. It comes as no surprise to see them playing some games by themselves and winning the big prize while at it.

Religious Filipino Gamblers

Religion is an essential part of the Filipino culture. The vast majority of people are true Christian believers — 81 percent of them being members of the Roman Catholic Church, while about 11 percent belong to the Orthodox, Protestant, and Restorationist faiths. Therefore, gamblers, as paradoxical this may seem, like to bring a medallion or a scapular to the gambling session to serve as their lucky charm.

Some of the gamblers even tend to make a sign of the cross before they make a move in the game, usually before the dice are thrown or cards dealt.


If you become aware of the fact that you’ve put on some clothes inside-out (but only by accident), head up to the casino since this is considered a good luck magnet. However, if you do this on purpose, don’t expect to get lucky. Fortune always knows what you are up to, so be cautious.

A Bag on the Ground

If you have a strong desire to win and earn some serious amounts of cash, do not put your purse or a bag on the ground. It is believed that this action can leave you broke, so it’s definitely better to mind where you put your bag, just in case. If you are hoping to win big at casino games, try placing your precious little bag as high as you possibly can.

Avoid Paying Your Debts at Night

If you had borrowed some money and had a lucky streak with it, don’t rush to pay off your debt if the sun had already set. Instead, wait until the morning because this can attract some terrible luck heading your way.

gambling at Night

Right Hand Is the Right Way to Pay

If you are about to place a bet, choose your right hand to do so. The Filipino believe that this way, your left hand will be free to receive an equal or a more significant amount of money.

Dreaming Is Believing

One of the most popular gambling activities in the Philippines is most certainly the game called Jueteng, also known as ‘the numbers game.’ This activity is also an illegal one, we have to mention, but that doesn’t seem to stop the people from worshiping it and playing it more and more each year.

The gameplay is quite simple — one chooses a number between 1 to 37 and places a bet. In essence, a person can win big, considering that the odds for this game are low.

Jueteng is so popular that the Filipinos gambling superstitions are connected to their dreams, the numbers they are going to bet on. For instance, if someone dreams of a boy, this means they should choose a number between one and ten. And if you’ve dreamt of fecal matter, number eight is undoubtedly the best choice for you.

Let’s Give Some Closing Thoughts to This Brilliant Topic

If some of you who were reading this article are hard-core skeptics and refuse to believe in any form of Filipino gambling superstitions, we dare you to try sweeping your home at night or resist getting hopeful the next time your palm itches.

Superstitions have been following people since the dawn of time — who are we to judge the human urges to believe in some higher power, call it God, destiny, cosmic balance, or good fortune? After all, isn’t hope the one that makes us endure through some of the most challenging moments of our lives? Is it safe to say that hope and the luck are two sisters, not just two sides of the same coin?

Do you believe in luck? By that, we mean both sides of it — the bad and the good — or is it merely the absence of one of them that makes us think that we are experiencing the other?

We firmly believe that Filipino gambling superstitions can’t harm anybody, so why should we object or judge the people who do believe in them?

If you believe that an individual object or a ritual can improve your odds, regardless of whether you are about to go to a casino or are just hoping for a better job position, just go for it. If these things improve your mood at least, they cannot be bad for you.

Having all this in mind, the only thing we can say is — go for it, why not? Believe in good things, good fortune, good life, test your luck and try to improve your odds wherever and whenever. Besides, you might be surprised as to how much success you’ve received by merely applying some of the ‘lucky rituals’ we’ve named here.

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