How to Conjure Lady Luck: Good Luck Charms For Gambling

lady luck gambling

Let’s all go nuts for magical objects that attract good fortune. What would you do if someone told you there are particular objects that can help you in games of chance?

Enter the Magical World of Lucky Charms For Gambling

We are going to discuss some of the weirdest lucky charms out there. There are particular ones we all know and love. Still, the magical world of blessed objects which are known for their beneficial acts is endless. First of all, I feel the need to explain that, even though there are some well, let’s say accessible, or commonly known objects — four-leaf clover, horseshoe, Maneki Neko, number seven, and so on and so forth.

Yet, I have decided to dig a bit deeper and present you with some extreme lucky charms. Regardless if you are nuts for the games of fortune, or just love to have something blissful beside you, I think you will fall in love with them, as did yours truly. If none of your amulets brought any mercy from Lady Luck, I think you should try these strange little babies and then be the judge of their good work.

This goes both for online casinos and land-based ones. Without any further ado, ladies and gentlemen, I present you — the list of the weird good luck charms for gambling for you to enjoy. So, enjoy!

Cat’s Eye

Don’t worry, unlike the original rabbit’s foot (we all know how they used to make these charms), the cat’s eye isn’t threatening any kitten. No harm will come to any cute little furry creature. The cat’s eye is nothing but a name for the stone which shares the resemblance. This one comes to us from the far away India. The local folks there firmly believe that possession of such a stone brings good fortune and prosperity to last a lifetime. I think it’s pretty easy to see why gamblers love to use this cute stone. It promises wealth, financial stability, and blessings to its carrier.

Three-legged Toad

While we’re still in the animal division, I should mention another one; not as cute as kittens or bunnies though. It’s a creature made of slime and mucus, it’s green, and girls hate it when they stumble upon them during a camping trip. Again, don’t worry, you don’t have to go and hunt for little green monsters. The lucky charm I am talking about is a figurine. This one comes from Ancient China and has red eyes and one leg less than the usual one would have. Still, should you obtain such lucky figurine, the Chinese promise that a stroke of good luck follows wherever you carry it.

This frog has a specific name — Jin Chan. I know, it sounds as pretty as it looks. Still, if you happen to have one, or plan to buy it, you should keep it in your home or business office. This little fellow will keep the bad luck out and ensure the constant money flow. I say that beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, and no aesthetically-challenged figurine is without charm.



We all know the old tale of never (ever) going under a ladder. However, in Ancient Egypt, they were placed inside the pharaoh’s tomb. Their original purpose was to allow the soul of the dead to find its way straight up to heaven. Because of the shape of the triangle they make while leaning onto the wall, ladders are considered a sign of good luck. Think about this the next time you decide to go around them.

Carp Scale

And back to the world of animals. This is a piece of excellent news for all of you fishing frenzy people. In Poland, the tradition to eat carp on Christmas Eve has been around for centuries now. The Polish believe that if you keep the fish scales inside your wallet, good luck and money will follow you throughout the whole year.

Rabbit’s Foot

We come to one of the most popular lucky charms across the globe. It’s one of the gambler’s first choices when it comes to an object which attracts good fortune and many winnings. Poor little furry things have no place on this Earth; as if hiding from predators wasn’t enough. Now the gamblers want their slice of the pie. The lower left piece to be precise. Not every part of a bunny is lucky. It has to be the left hind foot. Otherwise, it’s not attracting good fortune. If you happen to find such a bunny part, this guarantees winnings and brings prosperity.


A tumi is an ornate, ceremonial sacrificial ax which brings good luck. This particularly sharp and dangerous item actually comes from Peru, where it represents a national symbol. This may not be the best choice of lucky charms I would typically recommend carrying around, let alone bringing it into a casino. That is unless you are trying to get out of there with some money and a hostage situation if you manage to get it inside in the first place, that is.

Besides, it’s not that easy to find; you cannot simply use an old ax, it has to be a specific one. To be more precise, this ax’s main characteristics are a semi-circular blade, and you should put it to good use by placing it on the wall or doors. The beauty of this weapon hides its gruesome history. In a nutshell, the Incans used it in many ritual ceremonies and mutilated the victims with a little assistance of our sharp friend.

Scarab Beetles

We go, once again, back to Ancient Egypt. The Egyptians liked to wear these scarab-beetle-shaped amulets. They believed that it would protect them from the God of death, and all sorts of evil for that matter. These little insects were connected to the Sun God, Ra, and the rising Sun.

The same way Ra made sure that the Sun rises every morning, so did these insects take care of their larvae. The little beetles were well-nourished buy rolling them through the grass. They stand for transformation and rebirth. Besides, if you wear these talismans around your neck, they do look attractive.

The Fascinus

If you think some of the talismans are pretty weird, just wait for this one. Again, we go back through centuries to find Ancient Romans beliefs and ways to attract good fortune, or the goddess Fortuna, in their case. Yeah, you have read the name properly, no typos here. The Romans simply adored the cult of men along with sheer manpower that goes along with it. What’s more, they believed their phallus had some mystical powers.

First of all, no comment on that one, I believe that we, girls, have a lot more power than that. After all, can a penis go into labour and bring another human being into this world? I think not! So, sucks to be you guys. But, then again, who am I to say?

Anyway, Ancient Romans made their lucky charms in the form of a fascinus to keep the evil spirits away. It’s a lucky, lucky phallus. If you like this, try it, but don’t visit certain shops and buy them there. Try some keychains that don’t look so… revealing; try not to play with it too much. Its only purpose should be to bring luck.

Alligator’s Teeth

As you have noticed by now, many of these weird lucky charms come to us by courtesy of animals. Well, if you are one of those people who like to wear alligator’s shoes, purses, and wallets, why would teeth be any different? You can match them with your other accessories. If you choose to do so, it will bring you luck. It is also considered a great money-spinner. It beats the tooth fairy anyway. However, I would like to think that people don’t actually take them from a live animal. Or, God forbid, kill the poor things just for their teeth! In Africa, many cultures use them during gambling games.

Vulture Heads

This is not a bird we like to see circling above our heads, that’s for sure. Vultures are considered nature’s garbage disposals, lacking the ability to actually hunt their own prey. Instead, they wait for some big predator to do the deed for them and then feast upon whatever is left. However, the vulture’s keen eyes made people believe they can see into the future. And what higher power can you hope for once you decide to hit the casino floor; am I right, or am I right?

Well, people in South Africa certainly think I’m right because they like to take a preserved vulture’s head while playing the lottery.

Ok, that’s it for the strange, and somewhat creepy, lucky charms. Regardless of how you look at it, even if they cannot help you with the casino odds, if they give you that boost of confidence when all hope seems lost; they are doing the job. And who knows, you might become a jackpot winner and exit the premises with enough money to buy the house of your dreams. One can never stop hoping.

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