Can Saying Prayers Help You Win in a Casino?

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Gamblers do all kinds of stuff to improve the chances of winning, and we have to admit some of them are borderline crazy. What happens when having your lucky charm or betting on your lucky numbers doesn’t do the trick anymore? Can you say a prayer to God or gods if you want to win money while gambling? Sure, you can. Will your prayers be answered? That is debatable.

In many religions, gambling is a sin. Often, you will come across the prayers that should free you from “that sinful habit.” However, on the internet, you can stumble upon the prayers that can bring you good fortune in a casino.

What Does the Bible Say?

The church sees gambling as a sin, and you’ll be able to find many prayers to treat gambling addiction. But we are not talking about addiction here. We are talking about asking for good luck. And in chapter 7.7 of the Bible, Mathew says that you should ask, and it will be given to you.

Religious people feel much better and more confident if they know that God is on their side. Who knows, maybe by saying prayers you can really have the Lady Luck on your side. Gamblers who have experience in asking holy spirits for help advise you to write your prayer and be transparent about what you want.

Sure, you’ll find many of them on the internet, but being original and unique is much better. Start with “Dear God.” The rest is on you.

Patron Saints of Gamblers

If you don’t feel like talking to God directly, you can ask saints for help. Several holy spirits are known as the protectors of those who play games of chance.

Saint Cajetan

Saint Cajetan is considered to be the patron saint of gamblers, and his day is August 7. If you want him to help you have good luck in a casino, then, say the official prayer to him. You can do it at home, on your way to the casino, or when you are already there.

Saint Balthasar — for Poker and Baccarat Players


If you want to increase your chances in Poker or Baccarat, you should pray to St. Balthasar. He is known as the protector of those who manufacture playing cards. So if you enjoy card games, turn to St. Balthasar for breaking the bad luck while playing.

St. Matthias — for Those Who Enjoy Dice Games

When Judas betrayed Christ, he lost his place amongst apostles. Naturally, someone had to fill in the place. The legend says they cast lots, and one of them rolled to Matthias. And that’s how they chose him as the 12th apostle. Since lots are similar to dice, many consider that St. Matthias can bring help to those who play dice games. Next time you decide to play craps, it wouldn’t hurt to say a few prayers to him.

San Expedito Candles and Oils

San Expedito is another catholic saint who has been known to help those who need a quick solution for their problems — which is why some players turn to him when they want to break bad luck while gambling. Besides having the prayer card of San Expedito, you can wear his medal around your neck and light a candle.

Since this saint is mostly worshiped in South America, many women who are gambling put San Expedito perfume or oil on their wrists. Speaking of perfumes, you can buy Atlantic City cologne to improve your gambling luck.

Chinese Gambling Spirits

Gamblers in China believe in gambling spirits and gods, so they often call for them while gambling. They make an offer to God, and in return, they expect to gain in games of chance. Maybe you can take a page from their holy book next time you go to the casino.

Scroll Pinterest for Solutions

If you think that Pinterest is a place only for those interested in fashion, makeup, hairstyles, design, and DIY, you are wrong. Those interested in prayers, magic words, and spells can also find something for themselves. We bumped into a few money-winning magic spells that gamblers can use.

Say Your Prayers

As you can see, gamblers often use prayers for good fortune in a casino. We can’t say for sure how successful they are, but the bottom line is — they don’t hurt. If you are a religious person, then, you can make a plea to some deity next time you want to try your luck on slot machines. See what happens.

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